De Titaan is building a better world for Hague entrepreneurs

De Titan The building in the Vincoast area of ​​The Hague will officially open its doors for organizations aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals in September 2023.

Twenty innovative scale-ups have recently moved into the building. The building is still being renovated and will be completed by the summer.

Jurgen Nieuwenhuisen, chief operating officer of the Unknown Group, which is based in, owns and manages the building, gave a tour for journalists last week.

Saskia Bruins, Municipal Councilor for Finance, Economics and Culture of The Hague City Council was also present to explain her next vision.impact city– A supporting ecosystem where entrepreneurs, organizations and governments work together to build a better world.

ImpactCity is a formal program that helps start, grow and establish an ecosystem for entrepreneurs in six areas: Visibility, Networks, Talent, Finance, Innovation and Infrastructure.

De Titaan is an important building for the city and aims to provide all the facilities and services needed for growth in one place.

Global School for Entrepreneurshipan academic institution of applied sciences already based in Amsterdam, will open its second campus in The Hague’s De Titaan from September.

Vincost region already Cabellerofabriekfocused on the creative sector, Apollo 14 is for startups.

Over the next five years, plans are underway to open three more buildings for innovative and sustainable organizations. Frank is een Binck (2024), One Milky Way (2026) and de Nieuwe Hallen (2027).

  • 13,000 m2 state-of-the-art building in The Hague’s Vincost district It will open in September.
  • its focus is Scale-up organization aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • It features o1000 solar panels and A++ energy label
  • Office space, co-working space, maker space, experience center
  • Community events are held regularly, many of which are open to the public
  • For more information, see:

Article and image: Renée Tentori De Titaan is building a better world for Hague entrepreneurs

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