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Destroyed temporary slavery commemorative artwork in Eindhoven

A temporary art installation set up to commemorate Katie Coty in Eindhoven has been destroyed. Eindhoven Dougblad reported on Sunday. The person responsible for this act has not yet been identified.

Symbolized by a chain on a wooden pedestal, this work is set along the banks of the Dommel River behind Eindhoven City Hall. It was made by Tommy van der Lo, a Tilburg artist and descendant of slaves.

The installation was intended to provide a temporary location for the laying of wreaths, as Eindhoven has not yet had a memorial commemorating the history of slavery. The plan was to keep the artwork in place for at least a few days.

Saida Vianen, chairman of the Eindhoven June 30th and July 1st Committee, was shocked to hear the news of the destruction of the works of art. She told Dergblud in Eindhoven, “This deeply affected me and makes me wonder. What is the motivation behind this? It was done by people who were ignorant of symbolic value. Or is it a deliberate act? Sadly, I said, ‘I’m afraid we’ll never know the answer. ”

In another incident, Vlissingen slavery memorial covered in stickers and racial slurs this Saturday. The memorial, erected by Vlissingen residents on Thursday, carried messages such as “2070: White Minority” and “Media is the Enemy”. A Dutch flag and a sticker reading “No Repopulation” were also found on the monument.

Eindhoven is no stranger to such incidents. during February Racist text briefly projected on Eindhoven City Hall. The projection showed racist texts translated from Dutch, such as “Keep Lampegat white” and “We must ensure the survival of our people and the future of our white children.” rice field.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/03/temporary-slavery-commemoration-artwork-destroyed-eindhoven Destroyed temporary slavery commemorative artwork in Eindhoven

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