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Detroitisit partners with the Netherlands to host a sustainable urban design summit.news article

News | 30 September 2022 | 20:43

Detroitisit, the Royal Dutch Consulate General in Chicago and Dutch Design Week have teamed up to bring together architects, city planners and design professionals next month in a one-day summit focused on smart design and innovation to transform cities. collect the house Towards a sustainable city center.

Madisonville, October 13, 2022, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For a full day of programming, including provocative panels and conversations, Minds merge and develop creative solutions A global yet hyperlocal program focused on sustainable urban planning, of circular economy, climate and cities, smart cities, more.

A multi-layered conversation envisioned as a bridge builder growing up of best solutionof Long-term partnerships and opportunities Between two geographies. Face-to-face speakers converse with virtual speakers based around the world. The summit will be live streamed and shared on all social platforms.

“We look forward to exploring joint solutions in development, urban planning and architecture with Detroitisit and the Dutch Design Foundation at the 2nd Sustainable Urban Design Summit in Detroit. Consul General of the Netherlands Bert Twalfohoven of , said: “Creating strong relationships between existing and new partners in the Netherlands and the US will help us build a sustainable future.”

A multi-layered conversation envisioned as a bridge to grow, strengthen and come up with the best solutions for long-term partnerships and opportunities between the two regions.

As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, the Netherlands is a global leader in sustainable urban design. more. Detroit is a city in transition, embodying a feeling of progress and change. Development looms large, with equitable investment and community building taking center stage. What can we learn from each other?

Good sustainable urban planning and design can help improve people’s well-being by making neighborhoods healthier and more efficient spaces. Summit attendees will learn how projects in Detroit and the Netherlands are achieving this, and why sustainable urban planning is essential to building tomorrow’s cities around the world.

“People of Detroit deserve to thrive in a fair, green city. They have access to quality housing. They live in clean, connected neighborhoods. Achieving this and creating a more sustainable future not only locally but globally is critical,” said Ivana Kalafatic, founder of Detroitisit. “We are excited to partner with leaders in the sustainability industry in the Netherlands, Detroit and across the United States to develop creative solutions that blend sustainable urban planning with a focus on the circular economy. I am excited.”

“The Dutch Design Foundation looks forward to contributing to the second edition of the Sustainable Urban Design Summit. I strongly believe that Dutch Design Week 2022, with over 1,500 designers, launched the Get Set! theme. we are on a mission. It’s time to join forces and move into action. From October 22nd to 30th, a better city will be exhibited in the city of Eindhoven to be experienced with the designer and more collaborations with his partners, with around 500 event concepts and scenarios for a better world. will be ”

Topics for 2022 include:

  • concept of future city
  • Future proofing of cities through design thinking
  • Effects of climate change impacts
  • A circular economy across the industry
  • Sustainable local and community programming
  • Urban spaces and bringing them to life
  • creative placemaking

Dutch designer Fillip Studios presents Arabidopsis Symphony. This is a unique interactive his performance that allows visitors to dive into the inner world of plants through music and the latest augmented reality technology.

The goal of this summit, now in its second year, is to provide compelling, challenging, and provocative multi-level conversations that enable a fluid exchange of participation and ideas. Organizations are asked to market their work and projects rather than engage in discussion of the topic at hand, due to potential cooperation and collaboration between regions and missions.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge, connections and know-how from the best experts from Detroit, the United States and the Netherlands to learn from each other, persuade others, change structures and focus on problems. provides impactful solutions for sharing knowledge on how best to Correct problems and change behavior.

Confirmed 2022 speakers:

Sharing interactive projects:

Arabidopsis Symphony A unique interactive performance by Philip Studios, immersing visitors in the inner world of plants through music and the latest augmented reality technology.

register and join Sustainable Urban Design Summit Sustainableurbandesignsummit.com

For more information About Detroit, visit detroitisit.com or follow us on social media facebook.com/detroitisit When instagram.com/detroitisit. link in and Twitter @Detroitisit

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2022/09/30/sustainable-urban-design-summit Detroitisit partners with the Netherlands to host a sustainable urban design summit.news article

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