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Developer plans 400 student apartments as construction costs rise – Northern Times

The Student Housing Foundation (SSH) has shelved plans to build 400 additional housing units for international students on the Zernike campus. This is because development has become unfeasible due to rising construction costs. TRV Noord report.

SSH sent a letter to city officials last week saying the planned project could not go ahead due to rising construction costs and production shortages.

Groningen Housing Councilor Rick van Niegenhuis said the municipality has reached an agreement with SSH to build additional campus accommodation in collaboration with the Hanse University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen. but the prices received by the developers were all too high.

The agreement was seen as a temporary measure aimed at increasing the supply of housing for international students for the next decade or so. It was hoped that it would also reduce the peak demand for student dormitories that occurs.

Van Niejenhuis expressed disappointment that SSH is not in a position to proceed with development at this time. He said: “There is a risk of a significant shortage of housing in August. So we will work with the student body, the RUG and the Hanse University of Applied Sciences to see what solutions we can offer.”

International students face a massive scramble to find accommodation at the start of college each year due to housing shortages and affordable rents in the private market.

https://northerntimes.nl/developer-shelves-plans-for-400-student-apartments-due-to-rising-construction-costs/ Developer plans 400 student apartments as construction costs rise – Northern Times

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