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Dick Advocaat’s first home game against ADO Den Haag ended in a disappointing 0-0 draw.

On Friday 16th December, ADO Den Haag took on the top male.th Matches of the 2022/23 Keuken Campioen Divisi season. Eight players were injured, making it a tough game all the time. Dick Advocaat ended the night with points secured for ADO as both teams were evenly matched.

The game started with both teams being very cautious and neither team wanted to make a mistake. Both his ADOs were his 17th.th Top male is 19thth I understand the importance of this game. After 20 minutes, ADO had more control of the ball and had the upper hand. This was shown to be ADO’s first chance of the game 22 minutes later when Bilate flicked a header into the middle of the box. It took only two more minutes for ADO to create another chance when Birate was sent off the left and crossed the ball into the box where Absalem was waiting, but he guided the ball with enough force. Couldn’t do it and top male keeper Jansen had it. Easy to save.

Just a minute later, Top Oss were very careless with the ball as ADO’s Zwarts used burst off-pace to get past two Top Oss defenders and deliver a low cross into the box, with Severina narrowly missing. However, it was a clear scoring chance. However, his shot was not solid enough and was easily saved by the top his male goalkeeper.

ADO was in complete control of the game, but after these three big chances he couldn’t make any more. was only up to 40th It was fine for ADO goalkeeper Koopmans the moment the top male got his first shot by Lake.

The first half ended with Severina having a shot deflected by a top male defender hitting the side netting.

The 2nd The half started the same as the first half, with neither team creating chances and wasting possession heavily. Dick Advocaat was not happy with his team’s performance, so in 60 he made two substitutions.th Catic and De Waal appear. It took him only a minute before Katik played a beautiful one and his two with Dewar, and Dewar was able to deliver a cross to Zwarts, who was waiting in the box, but a header gave him power. The top his male keeper was not actually tested because of the lack of .

Neither team took control of the game after this, leaving the fans with a very boring 30 minutes.rd However, the top male caught the ball low in the corner and was not in danger.

The match ended in a scoreless 0-0 draw and, apart from three chances by ADO in the 22nd to 25th minutes, was a very boring 90 minutes overall.The top male seemed happy with the points but the ADO fans and managers weren’t quite happy as Helmondsport’s 1-0 win meant ADO Den Haag dropped to 18th in the league.

However, Dick Advocaat is expected to learn from taking charge of the first home game and turn around ADO’s form and put them back on a winning path.

ADO 2018 winter vacation beginsth 17 goals in 18 games. It looks like the club needs to recruit reinforcements to help the team get back to the table.

ADO’s next game is on the 6thth FC Dordrecht match in January.who will be placed in 16th Just two points ahead of ADO, Dick Advocaat needs to win to give him a positive start to the new year.

Jack Sudy

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2022/12/21/dick-advocaats-first-home-game-with-ado-den-haag-ends-in-a-disappointing-0-0-draw Dick Advocaat’s first home game against ADO Den Haag ended in a disappointing 0-0 draw.

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