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DIY Methods To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are counted amongst some of the most aggressive insects in the world. These insects can become especially dangerous if their nests are disturbed. Yellow jackets can be distinguished from other bees and wasps due to their ‘thin waists’ and their wings, which are always folded lengthwise when resting.

These insects are known for feeding on other insects, just like other wasps. And this makes them quite a useful creature. But they are capable of posing severe dangers to people too. Along with insects, they also like to feed on sweets and meat that is consumed by people. There is a high chance that yellow jackets might end up affecting one’s food for the worse.

Not to mention, their sting is quite painful for any regular person but can prove to be deadly for individuals with specific allergic reactions.

Due to their aggressive nature, it is best to stay away from them and prevent them from entering one’s property or house. If there is only the slightest chance of a yellow jacket nest being in the house, the best course of action would be to not disturb it and make attempts to get rid of yellow jackets by oneself or by calling professional pest control services like https://www.pestcontrol-london.co.uk/

Here are some of the methods to get rid of yellow jackets by oneself –

  • Cleanliness and sanitation – The simple and most effective way of preventing or eliminating yellow jacket infestation in the house is to keep it clean and tidy. Cleanliness will not not get rid of any good sources or circumstances that will allow yellow jackets to make their nests, but also prevent infestation of other pests.
  • Destroying the yellow jacket nest – If the house has already been infested by yellow jackets, the next best thing one can do is to get rid of the best by themselves. It is quite a simple but tricky process. The best time of the day to look for the yellow jacket nest happens to be the hottest part of the day, since they are the most active during this time.

The entry and exit points of the nest should be noticed and marked carefully and accurately. It is best to treat the nest at night. This is due to the fact that yellow jackets are not very active at night and they do not have good eyesight. This increases the chance of getting rid of all of them at once and prevents oneself from getting stung by them. Any insecticide can be used to destroy the nest.

  • Baiting yellow jackets – Baiting is another effective way of getting rid of yellow jackets. Bait stations are especially made for this task. The bait stations have food for yellow jackets which is actually a mixture of meat and insecticides. The yellow jackets will die soon after eating it.
  • Trapping yellow jackets – Trapping is pretty effective in case the person cannot find the nests of yellow jackets. Generally, meat or fruit juice is used as bait to trap the yellow jackets. It is preferable to place the trap away from other residents of the house.

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