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Doing Business in America: A Mobility Playbook | News Article

Their experience and expertise have proven invaluable to entrepreneurs looking to expand into regions where mobility and infrastructure are undergoing significant change.

The magazine was launched on the first day of the Urban Mobility Trade Mission to California in the presence of Vivianne Heijnen, Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management.

More than 40 companies are participating in the trade mission, connecting with potential partners in San Francisco and Los Angeles to discuss the latest developments in the field of green mobility. This magazine shows that there are many opportunities on the West Coast of the United States.

Vivianne Heijnen: “Like the Netherlands, California is ambitious to reach its climate goals. Dutch entrepreneurs are known for their smart solutions for sustainable transportation. of entrepreneurs to expand their operations internationally and bring their innovations to the American market, and in a few years, Dutch-designed public transportation and bike paths will be found in the United States. .”

Dirk Janssen, the Dutch Consul General in San Francisco, said that while America has not fully embraced bicycles and electric transportation, that is changing. The United States is known for its highways and big cars, but for several years now an alternative has emerged. West Coast cities are investing in public transit, partial transit, bike paths, charging stations, and new infrastructure. This provides an opportunity for Dutch entrepreneurs who are known worldwide for their smart solutions for mobility. This playbook provides companies with actionable insights and tips on how entrepreneurs can take their first steps in America’s mobility sector.

Chris Bruntlett of the Dutch Cycling Embassy has been doing business with the US for years and was one of the playbook interviewees. “We need to recognize how far ahead the Netherlands are and develop strategic ways to close that 50-year gap. I think we’ve shown that we can create infrastructure, co-creation between all parties, public and private, is important and the pandemic has shown that the US is willing to experiment and this is something the Netherlands is not so used to. It’s not.”

Download playbook.

For more information: Sietse VermeulenSpokesperson Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco: +1 415-866-5572

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2022/09/08/west-coast-mobility-playbook Doing Business in America: A Mobility Playbook | News Article

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