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Drenthe officially bans smoking and e-cigarettes at bus stops – Northern Times

Drenthe state authorities officially Banned At their meeting last week, smoking and e-cigarettes at bus stops and bus stops.

The ban has no criminal penalties and it is not clear how it will be enforced, but the police will not be involved.

The Drenthe Mobility Council, made up of provincial and city councils, has pushed the regulation as part of its contribution to the Smoke-Free Generation campaign. Passengers who don’t want to or don’t want to stand in cigarette smoke can travel unhindered by public transport. Last Friday, the Deputy Mayor of the city of Emmen Neleke Wederer and Alderman Raymond He Wanders opened the first non-smoking facility in Emmen.

hundreds of bus stops

Last week’s resolution provides a framework for which bus shelters are smoke-free and which the state hopes to achieve.

A total of 922 bus stops will be designated as non-smoking outdoor public transit waiting areas. First big stop (5,000 passengers per year) followed by smaller stops. Within two years, all bus stops in the state will be smoke-free. Information leaflets will be available on all buses and coaches in the coming weeks. Ultimately, all shelters in the state will have no smoking signs.

Mobility Council Chairman Nelleke Vedelaar said: It is very important that everyone in Drenthe can move without potential health risks. ”

Alderman Raymond Wanders agrees. This he does in conjunction with the Emmen Smoke-Free Alliance. A growing number of schools, sports clubs, businesses and medical institutions are joining the initiative. ”

More than 100 of the 355 municipalities in the Netherlands have started developing local tobacco control policies as part of their move towards a smoke-free generation. Launched in 2015, the movement is a national effort to ensure that all Dutch children grow up smoke-free. To protect the lives and health of Dutch children, we provide guidance to organizations and groups wishing to make public spaces smoke-free. It is also backed by a national prevention pact coordinated by the Ministry of Health, which aims to make the Netherlands smoke-free by her 2040.

https://northerntimes.nl/drenthe-makes-it-official-you-cant-smoke-or-vape-at-bus-stops/ Drenthe officially bans smoking and e-cigarettes at bus stops – Northern Times

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