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Dune Breeder Tries to Hide 120 Abandoned Dogs in Abandoned Land

The National Animal Protection and Inspection Service (LID) seized around 120 dogs from Durne’s breeders. Inspectors have previously threatened breeders with sanctions if they don’t take better care of their dogs. A LID spokesperson said the man took all the dogs in the yard to an abandoned site 200 meters away on Sunday-Monday night. On Friday, LID said he tried to hide the dog in an abandoned barn on the property.

Witnesses saw the breeder driving back and forth to take the dogs from the yard to an abandoned lot all Sunday night. The police found out, went to see what was going on, and called LID. LID confiscated all animals. The Dutch Companies Agency bills the breeder for all transportation and (medical) costs. A formal report will also be filed against the man.

Inspectors also made two other visits to the breeder, during which they removed a large number of sick and neglected dogs. The man was given a few weeks to improve living conditions for the other dogs and get them back to health as soon as possible. That period ended this week, so another check was issued.

Investigations show that the keeper tried to avoid detection by hiding the animal. An inspection of the barn revealed that most of the animals appeared to be in poor condition.

Some of the four-legged animals were pregnant and lactating, but tests revealed that they had been left without water or food. Inspectors found several 3- to 4-week-old nursing puppies separated from their mothers in cages.

Some animals were confined in narrow boxes for cats. There were many dogs with matte fur. Some were bald due to scabies, and some were injured in fights among their peers. Some animals had severe intestinal infections.

The breeder had previously been subject to inspection services. He previously had breeding farms in the municipalities of Feldhofen, Oberbetwe and Stein. Whenever the threat of administrative action or prosecution appeared before him, he disappeared in obscurity. After that he will reappear in another place.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/19/deurne-breeder-tries-hide-120-neglected-dogs-abandoned-lot Dune Breeder Tries to Hide 120 Abandoned Dogs in Abandoned Land

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