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Dutch cabinet limits cooperation with Uganda over anti-gay law

The Netherlands is set to cut cooperation with Uganda after the African country’s president approved a controversial anti-homosexual law. Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni on Monday approved a law described as one of the toughest laws for LGBTI people in the world.

This has led to fierce criticism from Western governments, international corporations and human rights groups. Under the law, an HIV patient can be sentenced to death for having sex with someone of the same sex.

“It is appalling that Uganda is opting for clearly extreme anti-LGBTIQ+ laws,” said Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Rishe Schreinmacher on Monday. The Dutch government will continue to “actively support” the protection of the country’s LGBTI community.

She announced that the government would end its support for law enforcement programs. Over the next few years, more than 25 million euros would be spent on canceled collaborations.

Anti-homosexuality laws could also affect other cooperation programs with Uganda. The Minister will decide on that at a later date.

Foreign Minister Wobke Fuchstra said on Twitter that the lead was “very disappointing”. “The Netherlands stands for human rights for all and urges Uganda to do the same.”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/30/dutch-cabinet-limits-cooperation-uganda-due-anti-gay-legislation Dutch cabinet limits cooperation with Uganda over anti-gay law

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