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Dutch Central Bank Donates to Fund to Reduce Impact of Slavery

Dutch bank has announced a special fund to help alleviate the impact of transatlantic slavery. DNB will also make a one-time donation to a large-scale project working towards this goal, the Dutch Central Bank announced.

These investments are: DNB chairman Klaas Knott apologizes Last July, the central bank Involvement in transatlantic slavery. 150 years after its abolition, the lives of descendants of enslaved peoples in Curacao, Sint Maarten, Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Sabah, Suriname and the Netherlands still include: DNB said the effects of slavery are still being felt.

DNB invests EUR 5 million in a fund set up in close collaboration with the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation. DNB will rely heavily on the expertise of the Brins Bernhardt Cultural Foundation to select projects that will reduce the impact of slavery in the Caribbean.

“The DNB Foundation is focused on small-scale local initiatives. It includes foundations, civic initiatives and individual initiatives whose projects can contribute to improving the living conditions of descendants disadvantaged by transatlantic slavery. Think about it,” DNB said.

DNB has also released a lump sum of €5 million for a limited number of large-scale projects. With this first round, the central bank will future donate to Amsterdam’s National Slavery Museum, Suriname’s Elizabeth Samson House and Curacao’s Tula Museum.

“These are projects with broad social impact and an educational character,” DNB said. “It aims to raise awareness about the past of slavery, to recognize and address its history, and to preserve its historical legacy.”

The next one-time contribution will go to projects in Sint Maarten, Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, the central bank said.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/17/dutch-central-bank-contributes-fund-reducing-consequences-slavery Dutch Central Bank Donates to Fund to Reduce Impact of Slavery

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