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Dutch embassy holds event to celebrate Hakko graduates on the occasion of International Women’s Day | News Article

News | Jul 3, 2023 | 12:09

Ambassador Harry Vervaisi of the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted a networking event to celebrate International Women’s Day with the Embassy’s White Deer Alumni Network on Monday 6 March at The Space, the cultural heart of Jabal Amman.

image: ©Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan

The event was attended by Princess Dana Filas and more than 70 alumni and leading women from various sectors of the Embassy network.

In her welcoming remarks, Ambassador Felway highlighted the importance of International Women’s Day to measure progress in combating gender inequality. “In Jordan, we recognize the recent efforts adopted in political and economic modernization and the particular attention given to gender inclusion,” said Verweij. “We stand ready to support these plans and will continue to work with our partners to close the inequality gap.”

Additionally, Felway took the opportunity to announce that the Netherlands has recently adopted a feminist foreign policy. This further reaffirms the Netherlands’ commitment to contributing to a better and just world where women and men have equal rights and opportunities. “In Jordan, we will strengthen our contact and interaction with all those who promote this cause,” he said.

Finally, Ambassador Felway welcomed the graduates of the Dutch-funded White Deer Program. Shiraka is the Netherlands’ leading knowledge exchange program for the MENA region, founded in 2012. Since then, over 500 Jordanian civil servants and government officials have been trained in the Netherlands on various topics.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands will offer 10 more courses for Jordanian civil servants in 2023 alone. In addition, this year he will implement two tailor-made intergovernmental programs. The first will train a young Jordanian diplomat in the Netherlands for her three weeks, and the second will focus on a Jordanian female judge.

The event provided an opportunity for the embassy to meet its networks, reunite alumni with each other, and meet fellow cohorts.

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2023/03/07/shiraka-alumni-international-womens-day-event Dutch embassy holds event to celebrate Hakko graduates on the occasion of International Women’s Day | News Article

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