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Dutch Lacrosse | ExpatINFO Netherlands

Dutch lacrosse attracts a tight-knit community of Dutch and international players to compete in this fast-paced sport that originated in North America.

Dutch lacrosse history

The sport’s origins can be traced back to Native American Indians playing a game of throwing a ball in the air with a stick. The settlers developed the game further, and by the 1860s the game was the national sport of Canada. Lacrosse reached England a few years later across the Atlantic. It was in 2000 that the sport started to gain momentum here in the Netherlands. Dutch students studying at universities in the United States and England as exchange students learned lacrosse and took it home with them when they returned to Japan.

The first Dutch lacrosse club was established in Maastricht, followed soon by Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam. In 2004, Dutch Lacrosse Association was established and by 2006 a regular club convention was established.

lacrosse game

Lacrosse is a fast, tactical team sport that combines elements of basketball, handball, and field hockey. All players have a “cross”. This is a stick with a net on the end through which the ball is thrown. The ball is about the size of a tennis ball and is made of hard rubber. The goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal his box (1.83mx 1.83 m). For each success, the team gets 1 point for him.

Lacrosse is commonly played on a grass football (soccer) field. Each team’s goal is about 10 meters inside the field, with space for players to get around it. A player can either run with the ball in a cross or throw the ball at a team member in progress toward the opponent’s goal box. If the ball hits the ground, it can only be picked up with a cross. If a player sends the ball out of bounds, the opposing team gets the ball. The exception is following a shot on goal. In this case, the team closest to where the ball came out takes possession.

Play begins in the center of the field and restarts in the center circle after each goal. Lacrosse game scores are usually higher than football (soccer) or field hockey game scores. His double-digit goals scored by each team, such as 14-12, are common.

Dutch men's lacrosse

men’s lacrosse rules

Men’s lacrosse is a contact team sport with 10 players per team. A team consists of 3 attackers, 3 midfielders, 3 defenders and 1 goalkeeper. Teams compete for possession of the ball by physically bodily checking him or deflecting an opponent’s cross with their own cross. His men’s lacrosse game is 80 minutes, divided into four 20-minute quarters. To avoid injury, players must wear a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and protective cups.find out more about Dutch men’s lacrosse.

Dutch women's lacrosse

women’s lacrosse rules

Women’s lacrosse is a tactical, non-contact sport that is often compared to field hockey, except that the ball travels through the air. The women’s lacrosse team consists of her 12 players: 3 forwards, 5 midfielders, 3 defenders and 1 goalie. Women must wear mouth guards and may choose to use protective glasses or protective gloves.find out more about Dutch women’s lacrosse.

box lacrosse rules

Box lacrosse is the indoor version of lacrosse for men and women. The game is played on a reclaimed or covered ice hockey rink, with slightly different rules than field lacrosse. Similar to ice hockey, a team places his six players on the field (five runners and his one goaltender) and pitches the field with the aim of scoring on goals smaller than his lacrosse. Fight in a faster, more physical game.find out more about dutch box lacrosse.

Dutch Lacrosse: Clubs & Competitions

14 active lacrosse club In Holland, I compete in the Dutch Lacrosse Tournament. These include Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Delft, The Hague (The Hague), Enschede, Groningen, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht, Wageningen and Bergen op Zoom. Teams compete in specific lacrosse divisions. The Netherlands has three women’s divisions and two men’s divisions.

The Dutch lacrosse season runs from October to June, with a two-month winter break (January to February) during which no games are played. Each year, a different club hosts a finals weekend, with the top four men’s and women’s teams competing. national championshipThe promotion/relegation matches are also played on the same weekend.

In addition to general field lacrosse tournaments, there are also national box lacrosse tournaments and youth mixed lacrosse tournaments. Youth Lacrosse is played by boys and girls (up to age 16) together, using rules that have been adjusted to avoid contact.

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