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Dutch man arrested for donating 5.5 million euros to Hamas

Dutch authorities last week detained a man and his daughter on suspicion of transferring about 5.5 million euros to a group linked to the Palestinian extremist group Hamas. The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) said in an arrest announcement that they were arrested on Thursday and remain in custody on Monday. The two are being investigated for alleged violations of Dutch law, which violates recognized international sanctions, and European Union law aimed at combating terrorism.

“The investigation was launched following reports of unusual transactions by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and newspaper articles about Hamas’ fundraising efforts in Europe,” OM said. “There is no official Hamas in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, there are several pro-Palestinian and pro-Gaza organizations in the Netherlands, which are important links in the international network that raises funds for Hamas.”

A 55-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman, both living in Leidschendam, were raided by the Dutch financial crime investigation agency FIOD. They also searched for commercial properties in Rotterdam. OM claimed they recovered a “large amount of cash” during the raid. In addition, investigators seized bank accounts and financial records with a balance of approximately EUR 750,000.

OM said that in addition to allegations of sending money to Hamas supporters, the father and daughter were also suspected of participating in an organized criminal enterprise “intended to financially support Hamas.” Specifically, they allegedly worked with a foundation that was not on any sanctions list, but that foundation was believed to be acting on behalf of another foundation on the sanctions list. there is

The statement issued by OM did not name either foundation. “The foundation was put on the sanctions list because it donated funds to Hamas-related entities, and is suspected of being hijacked by the current foundation and continuing its criminal activities,” OM said.

The South Dutch city of Reischendam lies northeast of The Hague and about 20 kilometers north of Rotterdam. In criminal cases in the Netherlands, suspects can be detained for up to three days, after which they can be heard by a judge, who can detain them for an additional 14 days. Thereafter, a panel of three judges may extend the period of pretrial detention for up to 90 days at a time. Both magistrates and judicial panels can also decide to release suspects from custody or release them subject to conditions such as home surveillance.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/26/dutch-arrest-father-daughter-funneling-eu55-million-hamas Dutch man arrested for donating 5.5 million euros to Hamas

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