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Dutch Minister Urges EU to Reassess Treaty with Israel

The Netherlands plans to discuss taking “steps” against Israel with other EU member states due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

On Thursday, Foreign Affairs Minister Hanke Bruins Slot informed MPs that she aims to reassess the association treaty between the EU and Israel and send a strong message to the country.

“This would be a significant step,” the minister stated.

Established in 2000, the association treaty outlines agreements to bolster economic and political ties. Europe remains a crucial trading partner for Israel.

The war has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, and Israel has recently launched an offensive around Rafah, where up to two million Palestinians have fled.

The Dutch government previously stated that a major offensive in Rafah would be a “red line,” warning of political repercussions if crossed.

Minister Bruins Slot emphasized that Israel must adhere to its humanitarian responsibilities, noting that many EU countries share concerns about the situation in Gaza.

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