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Dutch Mobile Banking: Bank on your Phone

Interested in mobile banking in the Netherlands? Access your bank from the comfort of your mobile phone with our expert guide to mobile banking in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has long been at the forefront of the technological revolution when it comes to personal finances. Mobile her banking is just one of these advancements, with more than half of all Dutch residents having an account. Whether you want to pay your bills or make a quick payment, learn more about Dutch mobile banking in our guide.

Dutch mobile banking

Banking has changed significantly since the advent of the internet and smartphones, and the Dutch are the most receptive to the new options these changes bring.according to Recent EU figures, 89% of the Dutch population use online banking, the third highest figure in the EU/EEA after Iceland and Norway.around it 66% of the population 60% of people aged 50-64 use mobile banking in the Netherlands.

man using mobile phone in netherlands

many Dutch bank We currently offer internet and mobile banking services. These include high street banks such as ABN-AMRO, ING Bank and SNS, as well as new online banks. Online-only providers offering mobile banking in the Netherlands include:

Features of mobile banking

Mobile banking uses apps on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Users can then perform banking functions from their device. Each bank that offers mobile banking in the Netherlands has its own app. Customers can use it for:

  • Pay bills and pay for goods in stores.
  • Send money from one account to another or send money to a friend.
  • Monthly budgeting with online tools.
  • Contact bank staff via social media accounts for advice and problem solving.
  • Access money from mobile accounts worldwide.
  • Access to account services 24/7.

Mobile banking offers many advantages for expatriates in the Netherlands such as cross-border payments, transfer between accounts using euros, immediacy of service and reduced banking costs. bedWith , you can open an account in minutes and make multi-currency payments and overseas card payments much cheaper.

Mobile banking still has some limitations, not only in the Netherlands but also elsewhere. Loan services are limited, as is the ability to transfer funds to foreign currency accounts. Internet availability can also be an issue.Mobile banking relies on a data connection, but Wi-Fi and Internet penetration in the Netherlands Pretty good in general.

Mobile payments in the Netherlands

Mobile payments are financial transactions made through mobile phones and other mobile devices. They are an alternative to cash, credit cards, and other payment methods. Mobile payments in the Netherlands are made using mobile apps or mobile wallets that are linked to your bank account and installed on your smartphone. Technologies like QR codes and Near Field Communication (NFC) enable contactless payments in stores, bill payments, or instant payments to friends.

iDEAL online payment page

Dutch mobile payment apps are available for both Apple and Android phones. The most popular is the iDEAL app. Online payment specialists in the Netherlands have 57% share of the e-commerce market Over half of payments in the Netherlands are made through mobile banking. Popular mobile payment app providers in the Netherlands include OK (developed by the team behind iDEAL), Payconiq and PayPal. Individual Dutch banks also usually have their own apps.

mobile banking security

Consumer anxiety has arisen across Europe regarding mobile banking and mobile payments. However, banking through your mobile device is actually a safer way to do banking and financial management. Payment systems frequently use biometric data such as fingerprints and voice activation. These are more secure than his PIN or signature. In addition, Dutch payment systems and mobile banking are highly encrypted, so there is no compromise on security levels.

You can do it protect your finances We prevent fraud and security breaches by taking measures such as:

  • Protect all passwords as needed and use strong passwords.
  • Never log into your account using public networks or shared Wi-Fi.
  • Do not remain logged into your account when not in use.

Opening a bank account in the Netherlands

To open a bank account in the Netherlands you need a valid ID, residence permit, BSNMore (burger service number), and proof of address. Certain accounts also require proof of income.

If you plan to move to the Netherlands and want to open an account before you move, you can open a mobile account with online-only banks such as: bedAlso N26This process takes just a few minutes and allows you to access your account from anywhere.

see us Dutch bank account opening guide For more information on Dutch banking procedures, visit

https://www.expatica.com/nl/finance/banking/mobile-banking-and-mobile-payments-in-the-netherlands-1698748/ Dutch Mobile Banking: Bank on your Phone

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