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Dutch News Podcast: North Star Horse Racing

The new Senate will be sworn in after the coalition emerges as the winner of the three-dimensional game of horse trading for the last seat. But it was not enough for the outgoing parliament to approve the results of 16 years of talks to reform the pension system.

Just as Zeeland parliamentarians put up billboards in the dunes banning hedonism, so parliamentarians in The Hague were quick to remove billboards proclaiming the glory of Ukraine.

Police, prosecutors, protesters and Amnesty International are all unhappy with the handling of recent Extinction Rebellion protests at A12.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has hit back at reports that it failed to comply with the terms of its €3.4 billion coronavirus relief package.

And after a dark season for Ajax, the title-winning women’s team has another reason to celebrate Edwin van der Sar’s resignation as CEO.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/06/03/dutchnews-podcast-the-pole-star-horse-trading-edition Dutch News Podcast: North Star Horse Racing

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