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Dutch News Podcast: Planes, Trains and Tractors

The King announced that regular trains will be operated after the decision to retire royal carriages. He can travel on NS, QBuzz, or Arriva, but not on Eurostar, which he is furious about being shunted by the Dutch government.

Frozen from state coalition talks by the BBB, the D66 is also stuck in a rut. Farmers are informed if they qualify for Christian van der Val’s “very attractive” bonus scheme for peak polluters.

New Deal talks for farmers continue at the pace of tractor protests, even after lobby group LTO reluctantly agreed to join.

As the Netherlands confirms plans to train Ukrainian F-16 fighter pilots, it explains how Dutch intelligence tipped off to Washington about a possible attack on the Nord Stream pipeline. And while the Nations League football team is run battered by Croatia and the age-old Luka Modrić, there is good news for domestic cricketers and 10 pin bowlers.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/06/19/dutchnews-podcast-the-planes-trains-and-tractors-edition Dutch News Podcast: Planes, Trains and Tractors

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