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Dutch Padel | ExpatINFO Netherlands

Dutch padel has seen explosive growth in the last decade. Today there are 450 clubs and 1500 padel courts under construction. Read below to find out more about this sport and how foreigners can play in Holland.

padel court layout

Padel is in many ways a cross between tennis and squash, but it has its own elements. A padel court is 10 meters wide and 20 meters long divided in half by a net. It is surrounded by glass walls and a 3-meter high metal fence. Glass walls at each end have 1 meter metal fence extensions on top for a total height of 4 meters.

The front yard is divided into two service boxes (5m wide x 7m deep) with a net in between. The rear court (turning area) is 10 meters wide x 3 meters deep. There is no backcourt like tennis.

padel scoring

Scoring for padel games is the same as tennis (0, 15, 30, 40, deuce), with set scoring (6 games with 2 wins, 6-6 with 7 point tie-breaks) and match scores Ring (played 3 vs 2). A 10-point match tie-break could be used instead of the third set).

General Rules of Padel

Padel is a doubles game with two players on each team.

The required underhand service motion is more like squash than tennis. The server must bounce the ball off the ground (below waist height) before piercing it. The ball must land diagonally from the server into the opponent’s service his box without touching the net or wall. If you touch the net and land on it, a let is played.

The receiver can hit the return after the ball bounces inside the service box. The ball he hits only once and must move over the net to the opponent’s side. It is permitted to use walls or fencing to alter the trajectory of the ball. The only limitation is that you cannot land on the ground before crossing the net.

Once the point is successfully started, the ball can be hit on the fly (volley or smash) or after it has bounced once. If the ball goes over the wall and out of court, it is a foul unless the ball can be returned from outside the court before it hits the ground.

padel equipment

The balls used for padel are similar to those used for tennis, but with a firmer feel.

Padel racquets are much shorter and lack strings like those used in tennis and squash. They have a flat solid surface with air holes and are usually made of carbon, fiberglass, or graphite. The maximum size of a padel racket is 45.5 cm long and 24 cm wide.

Monitoring padel in the Netherlands

The Dutch Padel Bond (NPB) Association was founded in 2011, leading to the rapid growth of the sport in the Netherlands. In 2020, the organization merged with KNLTB, the Dutch national tennis association. KNLTB is currently responsible for directing and promoting padel sports in the Netherlands.

Dutch Padel Club

Padel is a new and rapidly growing sport in the Netherlands. There are currently around 450 padel clubs and 1,500 padel courts nationwide. Find a Padel Club

dutch padel tournament

Open padel tournaments are organized by clubs across Holland. There are multiple drawers depending on skill level. You must be a member of KNLTB to participate in open tournaments.a tournament pass Available directly from KNLTB.

The Netherlands also hosts international padel tournaments with top players.View event calendar here.

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