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Dutch parliament backs e-cigarettes looking boring and uniform

Dutch parliamentarians want e-cigarettes and vaping to have a dull and uniform look. Decrease. A majority of Congress supported the plan, RTL News report.

“E-cigarettes are very unhealthy, but young people now think it’s cool to have sparkly accessories,” said D66 Member of Parliament Janet van der Lahn. Similar.They are often colorful and have sparkly vapes.Often parents don’t know exactly what their youngsters are carrying.Super worried.”

There are even e-cigarettes on the market that look like airpods, van der Lahn said. “It looks like an attractive accessory, but just smoking it is bad for your health.

“An e-cigarette should look as neutral and uniform as possible. Preferably, it should resemble a regular cigarette. Or just white or black, because it’s just smoke,” said D66 MP. . She believes a more boring look makes e-cigarettes less attractive to young people.

Tweede Kamer, member of the lower house of the Dutch parliament, is discussing smoking on Wednesday. D66 will submit a proposal during that discussion. According to RTL, it seems to have the majority support.

The Netherlands previously banned flavored liquids for e-cigarettes. From October 1st, E-cigarettes no longer taste like fruit or candy, they don’t taste like cigarettes or anything.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/03/08/dutch-parliament-supports-making-e-cigarettes-look-boring-uniform Dutch parliament backs e-cigarettes looking boring and uniform

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