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Dutch parliamentarians back negotiations to set up refugee centers outside the EU

Immigration Minister Eric van der Berg during a debate. Photo: Bert Mart ANP

Coalition parties VVD and CDA joined forces with the far right in parliament on Tuesday, vote up On the possibility of setting up a refugee center outside the EU.

Members of parliament from both parties supported a motion by JA21 to initiate talks with Denmark on the issue. This is because the idea offers “a promising opportunity to solve the current refugee crisis.”

The Netherlands is struggling to cope with the number of refugees coming into the country, both due to lack of accommodation and lack of staff to process claims.

Denmark has an eye on the smake an agreement with Rwanda He set up a refugee center and said last month that he wants to work with other EU countries. Britain has also signed such an agreement, but it has been recalled to court and deportation to the Central African country has yet to take place.

The Danish parliament adopted the law in 2021 with the aim of discouraging people from claiming asylum within its borders. “If you apply for asylum in Denmark, you know that you will be sent to a non-European country,” a government spokesman told his NOS. “So I hope it stops people applying for asylum in Denmark.”

Attorney General for Asylum Policy Eric van der Berg said during the debate that the Netherlands will adhere to human rights treaties in its eventual alliance with Denmark.

Governments are not required by law to act on motions passed by Congress, but they usually do.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/dutch-mps-back-talks-on-setting-up-refugee-centres-outside-the-eu/ Dutch parliamentarians back negotiations to set up refugee centers outside the EU

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