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Dutch scouts stay at World Jamboree in South Korea despite extreme heat

Dutch scouts attending the World Jamboree in South Korea are comfortable and will stay, but it’s “hot,” according to their spokesperson. Earlier this week, several Dutch scouts were already treated at an emergency hospital when temperatures soared to 38 degrees. The spokesperson reported that the program will be adjusted to the heat. For instance, a siesta will be held in the afternoon

In Saemangeum, the place in South Korea where the World Jamboree takes place, there are 2000 Dutch scouts between the ages of 14 and 17 and adult volunteers. Until August 12, 43,000 scouts from almost 160 countries are participating.

The World Jamboree already had to deal with an exodus of large groups of scouts. First, the British left for hotels in the capital Seoul. Later, it was announced that the Scouts from the United States would be housed for the time being at a nearby U.S. Army base. After consultations, the World Jamboree organization announced on Saturday that it would continue with the event until the planned end date.

The spokesman for the Dutch delegation said that they will stay. The Scouting Netherlands website said earlier this week, “The Dutch contingent is constantly monitoring the situation and will make adjustments if necessary.”

The South Korean government is also weighing in on the World Jamboree discussion. President Yoon Suk-yeol has ordered the establishment of a tourism program in which all Scouts can participate. This is to give them the opportunity to learn more about South Korean culture, history, and nature.

South Korea was previously forced to provide nearly 7 billion won (about 5 million euros) to support the organization during the heatwave. Authorities sent air-conditioned vehicles to the jamboree so the scouts could cool off. Prime Minister Han Duck-soo rushed to the Scout site to make it clear that the safety of the Scouts is the government’s top priority.

The problems of the big event go beyond the heat. South Korean media wrote that organizers are under fire for allegedly poor preparations. The Korea Times wrote that politicians want to prevent their country’s reputation from being damaged by international discontent over the staging of the World Jamboree.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/08/05/dutch-scouts-stay-world-jamboree-south-korea-despite-extreme-heat Dutch scouts stay at World Jamboree in South Korea despite extreme heat

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