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Dutch should ‘close’ gas fields, says local Schervos

The Dutch government should close Europe’s largest gas field as early as this year, a senior Shell Holland official said on Sunday.

Gas has been pumped from the massive northern Groningen oil field since 1963, but residents have been terrorized for more than two decades by increasingly violent earthquakes directly attributable to mining operations.

“The field has to be closed. It can and must be done,” said Netherland Shell president Marjane Van Loon.

“Officials believe that the sector could be closed this year, if we look at the data,” Van Loon said on WNL’s television talk show.

Gas extraction from gas fields has dropped to near zero in recent years, but the Dutch government has been plagued by global energy uncertainty, largely due to Russia’s full-blown invasion of Ukraine a year ago. I’m keeping the flames burning for the sake of it.

“It might be uncomfortable to really stop doing stuff like this in the midst of an energy crisis…but it has to be done,” said Van, who will step down from Shell’s president’s Netherlands-based division at the end of the month. Rune said.

She added that Shell Netherland would pay damages and strengthen the region’s infrastructure, but “we need to see how it’s done in the best possible way and it has to be well organized.” .

Shell Netherlands and ExxonMobil are equally owned in NAM, the company responsible for extracting gas from Groningen since the early 1960s.

A final cabinet decision on closing the gas field is expected in June, but it will “depend on the international situation,” the Dutch government said.

So far, residents of Groningen, whose homes and buildings have been severely damaged by numerous earthquakes, have been caught in bureaucratic cornerstones and bureaucratic bottlenecks and have received meager compensation, parliament said last month. A report released by the Commission of Inquiry said: .


https://www.expatica.com/nl/general/dutch-should-shut-down-gas-field-says-local-shell-boss-547241/ Dutch should ‘close’ gas fields, says local Schervos

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