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Dutch society is less segregated in education: CBS

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Dutch society has become less discriminatory in education over the past decade, the national statistics office CBS said Thursday.

In particular, those who attended a trade school rather than a college or university are more likely to have a mixed social and work world than those with degrees, CBS said.

Researchers will map networks of family members, housemates, schoolmates, neighbors and work colleagues over 2009-2020 to assess how prevalent isolation is in terms of education. It was made.

CBS defines segregation as mixing with similarly educated people, either as neighbors or family groups.

They found that while segregation decreased during the period studied, people with vocational qualifications were the least likely to have networks made up exclusively of people with similar schooling. By 2020, people with master’s degrees were most likely to live and work in segregated groups.

CBS said it could not say whether the change was due to increased social mobility or the removal of class barriers. In addition, the composition of the group changed year by year, as new members in their 20s joined the group and those in their 55s or older dropped out.

There are also large regional differences. Racism is more common in the urban center known as Randstad and in Groningen, due to the fact that people with degrees are more likely to live in big cities, CBS said.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/dutch-society-is-less-segregated-on-educational-lines-cbs/ Dutch society is less segregated in education: CBS

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