Dutch tank deliveries to Ukraine could be affected by Swiss parliamentary vote

Plans by the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany to supply Ukraine with Leopard 1 tanks could be affected by a decision by the Swiss parliament, a spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Defense confirmed on Friday. The ministry announced in February that the three cooperating countries would: supply Ukraine with at least 100 tanks when they are going to war with Russia. That promise is not in jeopardy, but Expected delivery of additional tanks A spokeswoman said it could be at risk.

The “Rex Ukraine” bill was drafted by the National Council, the lower house of the Swiss parliament, as a way for other countries to supply Ukraine with arms manufactured by Swiss companies. The proposal was rejected in a meeting of the National Council, the upper house of the National Assembly, and the National Council.

At a summit of European political leaders in Moldova on Thursday, it was revealed that the Netherlands plans to buy dozens of Leopard 1 tanks from a Swiss company with the intention of giving them to Ukraine. A vote in the Swiss parliament late Thursday night made it very unlikely that the Bern government would be able to approve the arms transfer.

Chancellor Mark Rutte had urged Switzerland to approve it quickly. Officials now say they doubt that such a deal will come to fruition.

Swiss law does not allow the supply of weapons to countries at war. This is why, for example, Germany is not allowed to supply Ukraine with Swiss ammunition for its previously purchased Leopard tanks.

The Rex Ukraine bill, which was supposed to make an exception to that rule, failed to garner enough support. The Dutch defense ministry said it could still be able to hand over the tanks despite the Swiss parliament’s decision and would consider that option.

The bill was opposed by the Swiss Green Party and the right-wing populist Swiss People’s Party. Both sides feared that the proposal would jeopardize Switzerland’s concept of neutrality and bring it too close to a NATO military alliance.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/02/dutch-tank-delivery-ukraine-may-impacted-swiss-parliament-vote Dutch tank deliveries to Ukraine could be affected by Swiss parliamentary vote

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