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Dutch to vote in two weeks – Northern Times

On Wednesday 15 March 2023, Dutch citizens will back to voting Elect the Provinciale Staten and the Waterschappen.

The upcoming elections are very important for the political situation in the country. State governments elect senators to Congress, and polls suggest populist forces such as the new BBB and far-right Liberal Party could win enough seats to create a blockade. suggesting. majority in the Senate.

who can vote

If you are a Dutch citizen over the age of 18 on election day and a legal resident of your state who has not been disenfranchised by a court, you have the right to vote. It’s as easy as that.

Election of Water Works Bureau

You are eligible to vote for water management if:

  • Hold Dutch citizenship or citizenship of another EU member state and have legal residence in the Netherlands
  • be at least 18 years of age on election day;
  • On the date the candidate was nominated, i.e. January 30, 2023, was a resident of the area served by the Water Authority.

party and platform

In the run-up to an election, a list of candidates and one or two voting passes (‘Stempassen‘) into your mailbox. Information about candidates and political parties running for election is also available online.Check candidate prefectures Drenthe, groningenand friesland Special election page (Dutch). You can also read about candidate platforms on each party’s website.

vote in person on election day

You can vote in person on Election Day, March 15, from 7:30 to 21:00. There are two ways to find out where your assigned polling place is during an election:

  • After confirming the voting rights exercise form and information leaflet that will be sent by mail,
  • Enter your zip code or address in the dedicated app here.

When you register to vote, you will be required to complete an application to be added to the voter list and will be asked for proof of identification by name and signature. Please note that in order to vote, you must present the voting pass you received in the mail, in addition to your legal ID.

If you lose or damage your voting ticket, please contact your local municipality and ask for a reissue. This can be done in writing by March 10th or in person at the local authority by March 14th at 12.00.

A recent poll found that 54% of Dutch voters believe politicians in The Hague disrespect rural areas, and politicians’ approval ratings are lower outside the city. Three of the current Cabinet’s four coalition parties are set up to not work well in the region, with two populist alternatives split from the Liberal Party, the pro-farmer BBB and the far-right JA21, making significant gains. is likely to increase

https://northerntimes.nl/dutch-go-to-polls-in-two-weeks/ Dutch to vote in two weeks – Northern Times

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