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Dutch Universities Suspend Recruiting International Students – The Northern Times

Dutch university Universiteiten Nederland has put on hold all recruitment activities abroad until February Said In response to calls from bicameral members and the Ministry of Education to limit the number of international students.

Earlier this month, the Dutch Second House of Representatives Peter Quint (SP) and Harry van der Moolen (CDA) told the Ministry of Education that higher education is becoming less accessible for local residents and that He called for limiting the number of people who can enter the country. Its quality is threatened.

The petitioner pointed out that “after years of consultation, no solution could be found” to the growing problem in higher education. has been ringing. International students bring in money, so many educational institutions actively recruit international students.

However, the downside of increasing internationalization is that the lack of learning facilities “increases pressure on the education system” and the workload of academic staff has been “unacceptably high” over the years. It is

University leaders, especially those in the border regions, have been vehemently against the recruitment ban, saying even rhetoric aimed at international students risks harming sectors that rely on them as a lucrative source of income. I object.

Moreover, student flow is critical to the country’s economic growth, innovation capacity, and competitiveness as a knowledge economy, they say.

https://northerntimes.nl/dutch-universities-suspend-recruitment-of-international-students/ Dutch Universities Suspend Recruiting International Students – The Northern Times

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