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Dutch Voice’s 2 suspects charged with sex crimes: OM

A scandal about the Dutch voice in the newspaper. Photo: ANP/HH/Rob Engelaar

The public prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday that it will sue the band leader and a judge on talent show The Voice of Holland for sex crimes.

Ali B and Jeroen Rietbergen could face charges, but an investigation into another judge on the show, singer Marco Borsato, was dropped due to lack of evidence. department said.

The investigation was launched following reports by the YouTube channel Boos, which claimed dozens of women were harassed and abused behind the scenes by four men.

After BOOS aired, prosecutors appealed for the victim to come forward, and a formal investigation was launched.

The prosecutor has not been named, but Ali B is under investigation on three charges, all involving an adult woman, and Rietbergen facing one charge, the ministry said. Two of the four victims were involved in television programs.

Another judge, Anouk, withdrew from the line-up after Boos’ documentary sponsor canceled his deal with the show, and Rietbergen parted ways with partner Linda de Mol.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/two-voice-of-holland-suspects-will-face-sex-crime-charges-om/ Dutch Voice’s 2 suspects charged with sex crimes: OM

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