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Education unions warn of protests, strikes if wage demands are not met

Education unions want higher wages. Unions have warned that protests and strikes could erupt after the summer break if the cabinet does not meet wage demands by Friday. NU.nl reported on friday

Unions are calling for a 12% increase in salaries for teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders. The Cabinet proposed a 5% wage increase, but unions argued that this would not be enough to compensate for the current inflation rate. The deadline for the government to comply with the demands set by the education union expires on Friday.

According to trade unions, education officials are grappling with the effects of high inflation. In addition, the field has long been under great strain due to a continuing shortage of teachers, leading to a continuous decline in the quality of education. Unions said they believed the problem would get worse if salaries didn’t keep up.

“Investing in good wage development is fundamental to the quality of education,” emphasized CNV Onderwise Chairman Daniel Woostenberg.

elementary school teachers I received an average pay raise of 10% last year, will be on par with secondary school teachers. This has eliminated the long-standing pay gap between primary and secondary teachers.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/16/education-unions-warn-protests-strikes-pay-demand-met Education unions warn of protests, strikes if wage demands are not met

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