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Eight edition of ImpactFest to take place in The Hague next month

ImpactFest 2022

ImpactCity will bring together two thousand impact makers from around the world in The Hague for the eighth edition of ImpactFest on 7 November 2023 . Startups, scale-ups, investors, knowledge institutes, companies, policymakers and other passionate individuals working towards a sustainable, inclusive, and fair economy will get together to tackle global challenges.

A programme focused on collaboration

Organisations such as B-Lab, New Optimist, True Price, the Young Climate Movement, Oxfam Novib, Willicroft, and NL Space Campus have already pledged a role in the programme. Climate activist Aniek Moonen, Marije Klomp who was elected CSR Manager of the Year, and Bert van Son, founder of Mud Jeans and named Circular Hero 2023, are also part of the programme.

Jasmine Anouna, founder and CEO of The Bloom, a global community of 30,000 social impact professionals, and SDG Goalkeeper at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will open the programme. Sofie van den Enk, known from the ‘Keuringsdienst van Waarde’, chairs the day.

From talk shows to meetups and roundtable discussions, all sessions will focus on four main themes: Energy & Oceans, Food & Agriculture, Climate Justice and Circular Economy & Resources.

A few of the highlights are:

  • Meet frontrunners in the impact economy: Opportunity to meet pioneers in the impact economy who dare to step beyond boundaries and bring new ideas to life.
  • Get the latest news from the impact economy: Impact entrepreneurs have the chance to launch their new product, showcase sustainable innovation or announce news. For example, a book will be launched on steward ownership, focusing on the company’s mission rather than profit maximisation.
  • Find out what leading impact investors are looking for: The tables have turned. Fourteen investors, including big names such as Invest-NL, DRK Foundation and DOEN Participations, pitch their favourite business plan to (potential) impact entrepreneurs to create successful collaborations.
  • Get insight into the latest trends in impact: In collaboration with Dealroom, ImpactCity is launching the ‘State of Impact’. A report that shows, among other things, where the most impact companies are growing and which topics are most invested in. Additionally, during the four talk shows, visitors will be updated by experts on current trends and innovations related to one of the main themes.
  • Get in-depth during a meetup or roundtable discussion: How do we ensure that circularity becomes the new norm and the friction with profitability disappears? As an impact company, how do you engage top talent and how do we empower Generation Z? How can you get the B Corp label? With no fewer than 45 meetups and 38 roundtable discussions, a wide variety of topics will be covered.

You can find the full programme and order tickets at www.impactfest.nl/program.

ImpactFest 2022


About ImpactCity and ImpactFest

ImpactCity is one of Europe’s leading ecosystems for organisations that combine ‘doing good and doing business’. With ImpactCity, the Municipality of The Hague facilitates entrepreneurs and other impact makers with innovative solutions when starting and scaling up their businesses.

ImpactFest started in 2016 as an annual event where the ImpactCity ecosystem can meet in a casual festival atmosphere. It has grown into an international must-attend event in the world of impact.

Initiator ImpactCity organises the event together with the Municipality of The Hague, Unknown Group and KplusV. ImpactFest is supported by the Province of South Holland, Rabobank, Oxfam Novib, DOEN Foundation, Clockwise and B Lab.

 Images & Text provided by ImpactFest


https://www.thehagueonline.com/features/2023/10/18/eight-edition-of-impactfest-to-take-place-in-the-hague-next-month Eight edition of ImpactFest to take place in The Hague next month

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