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Employers Struggling to Retain Staff: SCP

Employers are having trouble retaining employees. Employees feel a lot of pressure and stress at work, but employers don’t know how to solve this. And while most employers believe there is little discrimination in their companies, they are not fully aware that unintentional discrimination can be a problem within their organizations.

That is the conclusion of the Socio-Cultural Programs (SCP) in its fourth edition. Mapping the Job Market: Employers. This is a long-term survey involving hundreds of employers. The report shows that while there is much goodwill and consensus at the collective level, it is not necessarily reflected in everyday practice.

Employers often don’t know how to resolve work pressure. Not all absences are work-related, but sickness absences were clearly higher than usual for him in 2021/2022. Almost all employers feel they have a responsibility to combat work stress, but he said one in three had no impact on the degree of work stress experienced by their staff. According to SCP, one-third of employers believe that employees who experience a lot of stress at work are not suitable for their jobs.

Employers value inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Women still fall short of men in top and managerial positions, even though one in five employers says it is a priority to have more women in senior positions. She has less than 1 out of 5 employers who employ people with occupational disabilities. The number of employers who said they did not feel responsible for hiring this group increased from 23 percent to 29 percent. If there was a policy to cover sick leave, they would do so more often, but many employers are unaware that such a policy already exists, they say.

Employers are positive about the success of their older employees. Nonetheless, 4 out of 10 of his employers don’t think it’s desirable to continue working beyond retirement despite a tight labor market. The number of employers who are positive about this has increased slightly.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/27/employers-struggling-retain-staff-scp Employers Struggling to Retain Staff: SCP

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