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Essay writing: Guideline for dummies

Producing an essay is mandatory for every student. Creating a top-quality paper requires excellent writing skills, and it takes a lot of effort and time. All that makes most learners hate the assignment. If you are one of the people that prefer engaging in other exciting things than writing lengthy essays, worry not because you can seek help online. The best essay writer hires excellent writers that deliver high-quality papers on time.

Essay writing: Guideline for dummies

Essay tips for dummies


Every essay, no matter the subject, adheres to a particular structure. First, the paper gets split into paragraphs, which can be few or many depending on the specified length.

Parts of an essay

  1. Introduction

The introduction is the initial section of the paper. Its objective is to tell the readers what the rest of the text contains. It may also have a few details that tell the audience what motivated you to write the paper.

Another thing contained in the introduction is the hook or an exciting fact that attracts readers. Finally, the section gets completed with a thesis statement.

2. Body

The body is the most extended section of an essay. Its length is determined by the topic and specifications.

Every paragraph must carry a single idea with proof from reliable sources. Using in-text citations is necessary to make the text credible and have solid arguments.

You have to use transitions to ensure the essay flows smoothly.

3. Conclusion

The conclusion is the last bit of the paper. It summarizes what you put on the body and restates the argument on the thesis.


The steps followed when producing an essay

  1. What you write is a story

Though it is a school assignment, it must be clear and attractive to the readers. You can achieve that by treating the paper as a story. So, ensure to offer credible arguments and use transitions to prevent it from sounding disjointed.

2. Have fun when creating the essay

It is advisable to see the assignment as a fun activity and not a problem. So, ensure you enjoy it, and you write. Brainstorm the essential ideas linked to the topic and pick the powerful ones.

3. Research

Performing research is crucial in any writing assignment. Ensure to use credible sources to find strong arguments to support your writing. Information from various sources also equips you with sufficient knowledge on your topic.

4. The beginning and the ending must be strong.

The introduction and conclusion are crucial sections. Ensure to write them correctly. The beginning, for instance, will determine if a reader will want to keep reading the rest of the essay.

5. Correct citation

Any information you use from other people’s content must get cited to avoid plagiarism.

6. Prepare a plan

Creating a plan makes it easier to write the paper. The process entails preparing an outline that gives you an idea of how the final document will look. The sketch also helps in ensuring writers do not skip anything during writing.

All the above writing rules are simple. Stick to them any time you need to write an essay. If you still encounter challenges, seek help from professional writers.

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