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European education model in the spotlight: The Hague’s European school celebrates its 10th anniversary

The European School Hague, which offers education in 13 languages ​​simultaneously, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The milestone was celebrated at a closing ceremony on Thursday 15 June in the presence of distinguished guests, including Mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen. As part of the celebration, a powerful 10-meter-long work created by the entire school was presented. The artwork symbolizes the success of the European School Hague educational model, where languages, cultures and connections come together to provide a home for children from all over Europe.

At this formal event attended by distinguished guests from all over Europe, The Hague’s European School was renewed as an official Type 2 European School. This rating is a testament to the quality education the school offers to primary and secondary school students.

The school plays an important role in the educational setting, with a particular focus on educating children of expatriates who work for well-known European institutions such as ESA, EMA, EPO, Europol and Eurojust. In addition, there is a particular focus on multilingual and multicultural education, ensuring that children who migrate with their parents seamlessly continue their (school) careers wherever they are.

Proudly saying goodbye to the team after eight years, coach France van de Kerkhof emphasizes the significance of the 10th anniversary and the team’s role within the school. he said: “Celebrating this anniversary is an absolute highlight for me, especially as I was able to share this anniversary with some amazing colleagues. Our teachers and support staff are the heart of our organization. Together, we have created a stimulating learning environment where all students feel at home and thrive.”

The 10th anniversary of The European School in The Hague not only marks a milestone in its history, but also marks its continued commitment to be a shining example in the challenges facing European educational institutions. “On our 10th anniversary, we are demonstrating the success of our educational model, which embraces the richness of different languages ​​and cultures and creates an inclusive and stimulating learning environment for our children,” emphasized van de Kerkhoff. do.

The school event was marked by the presence of prominent guests, including representatives of European government agencies and influential politicians. This presence not only underscores the strong cooperation between European educational institutions, but also the importance of the European School Hague as a leading educational institution contributing to the growth and development of the European community in The Hague. I’m here.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/features/2023/06/20/european-education-model-in-the-spotlight-european-school-the-hague-celebrates-10th-anniversary European education model in the spotlight: The Hague’s European school celebrates its 10th anniversary

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