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Farmers in Drenthe hope to import grain from Ukraine

Farmers in Drenthe hope to receive grain exports from Ukraine in the coming weeks.Ukraine and Russia signed ‘mirror agreement’ on 21stst Facilitated by Turkey and the United Nations, about 20 million tons of Ukrainian grain can now be transported through the Black Sea.

Bombing attack in the port city of Odessa 24thth But the announcement in July, just hours after signing the agreement, brought uncertainty to the situation.

“The minister sounded positive. He was there for three hours and explained everything,” said Keyes Huizinga, a farmer from Drenthe province, who attended a meeting with Ukraine’s agriculture minister on Thursday.rdreport RTV DrentheHuizinga, still hopeful, noted that, in his understanding, the infrastructure related to the transportation of grain had not been damaged as a result of the recent bombings.

Grain Trade Commission director Caroline Emmen has concerns.

“At the moment of attacking infrastructure, anyone can ask themselves if they dare to come to a port, exchange goods, load, and let go of the ship,” Emmen said. NOSShe agrees that if the deal goes ahead, everyone involved will benefit, especially the farmers of Ukraine and countries facing famine.

The NOS points out that food prices will almost certainly fall once Ukrainian grain reaches the rest of Europe. Wheat prices fell 2% on Friday, he said in a deal announcement.nd According to a July report, BBC.

Both the NOS and the BBC say the deal is one of the most positive news to come out of Ukraine since Russia’s aggression began in early 2022. According to the BBC, the agreement is set to last at least 120 days. An extension is possible if both parties agree.

The Ukrainian representative did not like to meet with the Russian representative, so the agreement was built as a “mirror agreement”. Representatives from both sides met separately with Turkish and UN representatives in Istanbul, where he finalized two “mirror agreements.”

Pre-war Ukraine and Russia typically supplied most of the world’s grain exports through the Black Sea. AD.nl As a result of the blockade, many countries that rely on wheat and grain imports say they are facing food crises, especially in Asia and Africa.

https://northerntimes.nl/drenthe-farmers-remain-hopeful-for-ukrainian-grain-imports/ Farmers in Drenthe hope to import grain from Ukraine

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