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Farmers say supermarkets are too expensive for organic products

Supermarket profit margins for organic products are too high, organic farmers say, casting doubt on the Netherlands’ ability to meet the European standard that 25% of all agriculture should be organic from 2030.

Margins on organic products should be reduced to those on conventionally produced fruits, vegetables and meat, said organic farmer’s organization Bioouis, and market watchdog ACM also took this stance. is supporting

In a letter to Agriculture Minister Piet Adema, the ACM said the measures could include VAT reductions or subsidies for organic produce.

The Netherlands lags behind Europe in organic farming, with only 4.4% of farms using sustainable farming methods.

Austria has already achieved the 25% standard thanks to supermarkets that promote organic products and offer them at affordable prices.

Margins are too high at the moment, said Jaap Korteweg, an organic farmer and spokesperson for Biohuis. For example, Albert Heijn sells 1 kg of normal carrots for €1.19, but 1 kg of organic carrots for €1.99. Organic farmers cost 35 cents to grow them compared to 20 cents for conventional farmers.corteveg said advertisement.

To make up for early losses, supermarkets could increase margins on unhealthy and unsustainable products, he said.

In response, Albert Heijn said it was already promoting organic products, and supermarket Plus said its dairy products are 100% organic. Aldi told the paper it would not change its profit margins on organic products.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/supermarkets-charge-too-much-for-organic-products-farmers-say/ Farmers say supermarkets are too expensive for organic products

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