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Fear of FC Groningen fans reportedly threatening security guards

The city of Groningen on Wednesday confirmed a report from Dagblad van Het Noorden suggesting that security staff may refrain from intervening during FC Groningen’s match for fear of potential repercussions. .

Those allegations surfaced following an incident last weekend. The Eredivisie match between FC Groningen and Ajax was put on permanent record on Sunday. Stop. The FC Groningen fans were already throwing firecrackers on the field seven minutes later. In addition, supporters rushed into the field with banners.

On Wednesday, local newspaper Dougblad van Het Noorden reported from multiple sources that hooligans may be wielding a significant amount of control over FC Groningen. The newspaper said many security guards, catering staff and even FC Groningen volunteers would not intervene when encountering supporters with smoke grenade-like fireworks thrown onto the pitch on Sunday.

The newspaper cited an instance in which hooligans caught with fireworks told security guards to “shut up” and threatened that they knew where they lived and where their children went. Security guards allegedly allowed the hooligans to continue in action without intervening.

A spokesman for Groningen mayor Kane Schuhling confirmed the report by Dagblad van Het Noorden on Wednesday. “But I don’t know if that’s true,” he said. A spokesperson said the incidents occurred at FC Groningen’s stadium, with the club having primary responsibility for supervision and enforcement.

The city has decided to ban fans from entering FC Groningen’s final two games of the season, voicing concerns about safety inside the stadium.

A police spokesman said he had received no indications of threats from football supporters against stadium security. “We have not received any reports or complaints,” a spokeswoman said.

Last March, the police decided to stop accompanying FC Groningen and SC Cambuur fans to away games. according to the police, hooligans were threatening and intimidating police officers. A spokesperson reported that this is no longer the case. She advised victims of hooligan threats and intimidation to file complaints. “It’s important to the investigation,” she said.

A spokesperson for FC Groningen confirmed that vandalism is a “major social problem”. “We need to find solutions together. There are many people involved in the organization of the match and we are in an ongoing dialogue with those who manage the staff,” he said.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/17/concerns-fc-groningen-fans-reportedly-threatening-security-staff Fear of FC Groningen fans reportedly threatening security guards

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