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Fines for fireworks are small, damage to private property exceeds €10 million

Photo: Depositphotos.com

Broadcaster NOS reported on Wednesday that only a handful of fines have been imposed on people who set off fireworks in places where fireworks were banned during New Year celebrations.

Fireworks were banned in 12 towns and cities, but only one person was fined in Nijmegen and seven in Haarlem, according to the NOS.

Rotterdam and Apeldoorn, which have banned fireworks during their festivities, have not yet released their figures. Despite the ban being widely ignored, no one was fined in Amsterdam.

Instead, the capital’s council overseers prioritized ensuring emergency services workers could safely carry out their jobs, a council spokesman said.


On the other hand, the Dutch insurance association Verbond van Verzekeraars said: initial estimate Damage to private property during the New Year celebrations amounted to €10 million.

This is a considerable increase in the two years of the coronavirus, but well below last year’s pre-corona New Year losses of 16.3 million euros.

This figure does not include medical costs or damage to public and company property, so for example the destruction of churches in Veghel or damage to schools in Buitenveldert.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/few-fines-for-fireworks-damage-to-private-property-tops-e10m/ Fines for fireworks are small, damage to private property exceeds €10 million

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