First Dutchman added to US sanctions list targeting Russia

For the first time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a Dutch national was added to the US sanctions list.Edwin Onno van Ingen (58 years old) was added to the list Established in 2021 The US will freeze the assets of those suspected of supporting the Russian military or the Russian economy. Participating in various corrupt practices on behalf of Russia, including interference in elections of U.S. allies, cybercrime, cross-border corruption, violation of political stability, or participating in the assassination of the United States or its allies; Those who do will also be punished.

U.S. Treasury Department said in a press release Van Ingen is “the primary European-based procurement agent for Russian laboratories focused on the design and development of nuclear weapons and research into advanced conventional weapons technology. Russian intelligence agencies often Ingen, advanced manufacturing, then Van Ingen approaches manufacturers and resellers, often hiding the true end-user of the equipment being purchased, and helping to arrange the transshipment of the equipment to Russia.”

This update was discovered by a Dutch publication follow the money. Van Ingen told the magazine he was very surprised when he was informed of the sanctions. “What you say is completely new to me.” An examination of the records kept by Open Sanctions shows that Van Ingen is the first Dutch national to be added to the US sanctions list. found. He told Follow the Money that his father had been doing business in Russia for decades. After his death, young Van Ingen continued his work where he had left off, but stopped delivering to Russia after the war began.

Van Ingen also said he was not trying to circumvent the restrictions by sending parcels to intermediary countries such as China or Turkey. He runs several businesses in the Netherlands, including a business materials wholesaler, and provides company management to small businesses. He also owns a brokerage firm, Ronin Management BV, for which he has been sanctioned, according to Follow the Money. The company’s balance sheet is estimated to contain around €10 million.

“I have never done anything that the Ministry of Economy doesn’t know about,” he told the publication. “I was not approached by anyone, neither from the United States nor from The Hague,” he added. “I’m getting a lot of negative attention right now. That’s the way the US sees it. But I’ve done nothing wrong.” Delta Technical & Scientific Instruments BV, like Van Ingen, is also sanctioned under Executive Order 14024. The names of these companies were among those added to a list strictly controlled by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Because of Van Ingen’s involvement. The Treasury Department said neither he nor his company could do business with US entities.

“We haven’t been able to think about the consequences yet,” van Ingen said. First Dutchman added to US sanctions list targeting Russia

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