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FlixBus plans to link Amsterdam and Hamburg by train hampered by aging infrastructure – Northern Times

FlixBus’ expansion in the Netherlands was rapid, but not furious. The company’s management has adhered to a strict plan of incremental growth and has built an established transport service that is present in all major Dutch cities.

But the company has frequently said that if the rail infrastructure across the Dutch and German borders were upgraded more quickly, it could serve travelers better. For example, FlixBus could convert the popular Amsterdam-Groningen-Hamburg bus route to rail once the link is fully electrified.

“The Amsterdam-Groningen-Bremen-Hamburg route with eight daily flights has the potential to be a very good rail connection,” says Arthur Kamminga, a longtime FlixBus employee. Said Dougblad van Het Norden.

railway bridges, etc.

Kaminga said FlixBus sister company FlixTrain has applied for cross-border services in the Netherlands and Germany. The new route offers daily trips to several cities including Arnhem, Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. The service is scheduled to start in December 2024.

A rail connection between Hamburg and Amsterdam via Groningen seems equally logical for FlixBus, but is currently not feasible due to rail infrastructure limitations. Part of the problem is that there is no bridge across the Ems. Furthermore, there is no overhead wire between Groningen and Löhr, making the line less attractive as part of a long-distance line.

To Kaminga’s regret, the county of Groningen is not enthusiastic about electrifying the line. “The state has embraced hydrogen as the future and is focusing on trains suitable only for isolated local lines. And I can’t find the city’s central station. Story As for the upcoming Leli line, we are not ready for the future. ”

https://northerntimes.nl/flixbuss-plan-to-link-amsterdam-with-hamburg-hampered-by-obsolete-infrastructure/ FlixBus plans to link Amsterdam and Hamburg by train hampered by aging infrastructure – Northern Times

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