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Foreign ministry advises Dutch in Paramaribo to avoid city center

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Dutch citizens in Paramaribo to avoid the city centre, government buildings and areas with heavy traffic. The ministry has updated its travel advice for Paramaribo following Friday’s riots.

The ministry said there could be another demonstration that could lead to violence. We encourage you to follow local media reports and follow instructions from local authorities.

Foreign Minister Wopke Hekstra wrote on Twitter that he had spoken with Surinamese diplomat Albert Ramdin about recent events in Paramaribo. “The rule of law is of fundamental importance in the Netherlands, Suriname and around the world. Therefore, calling for violence is unacceptable.”

On Friday, Paramaribo’s parliament was stormed during a demonstration attended by thousands of people. Shops and government buildings were vandalized and looted, and several people were injured. Police said 119 people were arrested. Of these, 37 are still in custody.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/02/19/foreign-ministry-advises-dutch-people-paramaribo-avoid-city-center Foreign ministry advises Dutch in Paramaribo to avoid city center

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