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Four still detained after anti-Zwarte Piet protests – Northern Times

Four people are still detained in Emmen after protests during a city council meeting on Monday 7 November. reportProtesters stormed the city council chambers and demanded that city officials ban Zwarte Piet from attending the upcoming Sinterklaas party. The identities of the four are not yet known, and police have not released any information about their gender or age. Eight of his other detainees were released.


On November 7, 12 activists of the international non-violent movement, Extinction Rebellion, blocked the city council of Emmen to attack the Sinterklaas arrival party, which continues to use the character of Zwarte Piet in a black costume. I protested. Protesters entered the chamber with slogans and banners and sat in the middle of the room. Their goal was to cancel Pieten’s appearance at Sinterklaas his party in Drenthe on Saturday 12 November. The request has neither been denied nor approved.

An hour and a half later, after repeated calls to leave the hall, police dragged the protesters away. The Municipality of Emmen has decided to keep the upcoming meeting private to avoid further demonstrations. According to DVHN, some Emmen residents expressed a desire to attend the meeting with their faces painted black.

Zwarte Piet is Sinterklaas’ lieutenant. Traditionally, he has dark skin. At public events, he often masquerades as a white man with his face painted black. black faceOver the past decade, a segment of public opinion has turned against this term. Zwarte Piet is seen as an old legacy of Dutch colonialism, promoting stereotypes and racism against people of color. Protests and actions spark across the Netherlands.Popularity of Zwarte Piet in northern regions is out of steplast year Sinterklaas arrived in Leeuwarden in Cancel For anti-Pietian protests.

Why Choose Emmen

In Emmen, there is a strong contrast between supporters and opponents of Piet. The conflict reached its peak in his 2019, when the two factions protested against each other during the invasion of Sinterklaas. Many people criticized Mayor Erik van Allsterhout for failing to speak out against Zwarte Piet.

Local government this year Organized meetings with the local Sinterklaas committee, supporters and opponents of Zwarte Piet. According to those who attended the meeting, almost everyone involved seemed to agree that Zwarte Piet was slowly disappearing from the Emer street scene. Starting this year, the municipality will no longer use Zwarte Piet’s images in its own communications. However, the city expects to see more protests during the Sinterklaas event.

Sinterklaas in the North: Calendar

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) is a Dutch character loved by children and adults alike. His arrival in Holland (“intocht”) marks the beginning of the Christmas season and is celebrated with events and parades in all cities. These are the dates on which Sinterklaas arrived in major cities in the north of Holland.

Saturday 12 November: Assen, Drachten, Dockum, Emmen, Heerenveen, Meppel

November 19th (Sat) Groningen

Saturday 5 December: Leeuwarden

Feature image credits: Extinction Rebellion NL

https://northerntimes.nl/emmen-zwarte-piet-sinterklaas/ Four still detained after anti-Zwarte Piet protests – Northern Times

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