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Friesland flag hung at half-staff as RUG did not appoint Frisian professor – Northern Times

An unidentified person today hoisted the Frisian flag at half-mast on the Academy building in Groningen in protest against the University of Groningen’s decision not to appoint a new professor of Frisian, Dagblad van het Noorden. report.

It is unclear who took down the flag, but the boundaries were set with the revocation of the professorship of Frisian language and history following the retirement of RUG Professor Goffe Jensma, who specializes in Frisian language and history. .

The Frisian language is integral to Dutch heritage and national character. Although one of the country’s oldest languages, historical events such as the dissolution of the unified medieval Freesia and the division of the domain between Germany and the Netherlands dramatically affected its growth. rice field.

Despite having a relatively large number of native speakers, Frisian is currently vulnerable minority languages This is due to the low modern literacy rate and the lack of language transmission between generations. There is therefore a fear among Frisian speakers that the abolition of the Frisian teaching system will only contribute to the further transformation of this language into a predominantly oral language.

according to omlop frislanthe flag was later withdrawn and removed.

As another development, the Global Responsibility and Leadership Program taught at the University of Groningen’s Campus Frislen is rated as the best Bachelor’s program in the Netherlands. Hands-on courses are inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are dedicated to training a new generation of leaders.

This prestigious honor was awarded by Keuzegids, an independent Dutch consumer guide that evaluates university programs across the country.

https://northerntimes.nl/frieslands-flag-hung-at-half-mast-following-rugs-failure-to-appoint-frisian-professor/ Friesland flag hung at half-staff as RUG did not appoint Frisian professor – Northern Times

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