Full legal support for buying a business with Eli Deal

In today’s world, the business environment is very diverse and incredibly wide. It is difficult to understand it not only for beginners, but also for experienced entrepreneurs. In order to help you overcome various difficulties in starting your own business, obtaining a license, etc., that Eli-Deal offers its services.

This is a team of experienced professionals who provide not only comprehensive support in your business and provide full accompanying in solving your problem, but also have more than one business for sale, which can be a good start for your future career.

Eli-Deal as a reliable partner in establishing and buying a business

Eli-Dealconfirms its readiness and ability to provide clients with the requested legal assistance, as well as the availability of specialists with relevant experience and the necessary qualifications in the provision of legal services on issues related to the purchase of a business.

Eli-Deal offers businesses sale services with a wide range of focus, in particular, restaurants, bank institutions, commercial property, IT businesses and much more. Businesses can be purchased in different jurisdictions, including the most reliable and having an excellent reputation – the UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, etc., as well as offshore.

Sometimes it is not so easy to cope personally with the acquisition of a business, since each jurisdiction sets its own requirements, which must be strictly adhered to, and without proper qualifications, it is quite difficult to understand all the pitfalls of this area of ​​activity. Typical risks when buying a business or a license:

  • lack of understanding of the industry or field of activity of the company;
  • the presence of hidden costs;
  • insecurity of the client base;
  • unverified or difficult to verify data on the parameters of activities (revenue, profit, cost, etc.);
  • ignorance of the true reasons for selling or buying a business;
  • incomplete transfer of the subject of the agreements;
  • incorrect structuring of the transaction.

Turning to the specialists of Eli-Deal, you choose the safest and easiest way that will lead you to a successful and profitable business.

Range of services and complex support

At your request, Eli-Deal specialists will conduct additional checks of the business, and provide support at different stages of the transaction, help draw up additional documents for the transfer of the business or its more efficient use.

The goal of our specialists is to protect the interests of the client, exclude or minimize the negative consequences of the transaction, and provide guarantees for a safe and profitable future. Among the range of services of Eli-Deal, one can single out, in particular, the following:

  • comprehensive consulting on any issue;
  • drawing up and collecting the necessary documents;
  • assessment of the situation, examination of the client’s tasks and selection of the optimal solution;
  • development of a strategy and tactics for acquiring a business or a license;
  • accompanying the client at all stages.

Our specialists will participate in drafting agreements and contracts for the acquisition of the company, directly contacting the other party. Assistance in opening a letter of credit or a bank account in another country will avoid the risk of loss of own funds by the client. Thus, Eli-Deal specialists will become your reliable companions for buying any business and registering a company under one or another legal system.


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