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Fundraisers across the country raised €24.7m for Turkey and Syria

Proceeds from the Giro555 fundraiser for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria reached nearly 25 million euros, the organization said Monday. The Dutch campaign aims to raise funds for emergency aid such as shelter, clothing, medical care and food for disaster victims.

A total of 24,731,078 euros was donated for the victims of the disaster. “Help is coming from all the organizations that are working hard right now, like distributing clean drinking water, food, blankets and winter clothing,” said his Michiel Servaes, who runs Giro555. . “But much more is needed, as many are still sleeping outside, requiring shelter, sanitation, care and, ultimately, visibility again. I’m preparing for a serious operation.”

Aid organizations working together on the project opened Giro555 last Tuesday after regions of Turkey and Syria were hit by strong earthquakes the day before. By Saturday, the fundraiser had brought him over 16 million euros.

On Wednesday, national and regional news outlets will air programs as part of the National Fundraising Day for Victims. The day begins at 5:55 AM at Sound & Vision in Hilversum. A call center panel will be installed by a well-known Dutchman who operates the telephone lines.At 8:30 pm he will be on national television live on NPO1

The first earthquake in southeastern Turkey last week was a magnitude of 7.8. The epicenter was 26 kilometers northwest of Gaziantep, not far from the Syrian border. Another major earthquake followed, followed by hundreds of smaller quakes and aftershocks.

The death toll from the earthquake has now risen to 36,000. According to the latest figures, 31,643 deaths have occurred in Turkey.

Giro555 is an initiative of several well-known aid organizations such as Cordaid, Oxfam Novib, UNICEF Netherlands, the Dutch Red Cross and major foundations that help refugees.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/02/13/national-fundraiser-collected-eu247-million-turkey-syria Fundraisers across the country raised €24.7m for Turkey and Syria

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