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Gasunie promises ‘we won’t run out of gas this winter’, but caveats apply

As the conflict in Ukraine heads into the colder months of the year, some European gas consumers are wondering whether they should prepare for supply disruptions from their biggest provider, Russia. Energy exports have been the subject of political maneuvering as Europe and Moscow clashed over the war in Ukraine. Gasunie Transport Services (GTS), a Dutch gas transport operator, guaranteeHowever, even if the flow of gas in Russia stops, there will be no shortage of gas in the Netherlands next winter.

The company conducted a risk analysis of all possible scenarios and found that even in the event of a complete stoppage of Russian supplies, a forced shutdown could be avoided. “It is good news for our Dutch customers that gas supply to consumers will not be forcibly cut off during the coming winter, as long as certain conditions are met,” said GTS Director. Bert He Jan He Hoovers said. “Other emergency measures, such as additional production from the Groningen field, also do not appear to be necessary in the coming months. It is also imperative that we have sufficient gas for our operations and take measures to maximize the supply of LNG.”

According to GTS, market demand for gas has fallen by 20% due to high prices, helping to fill gas storage facilities as quickly as possible. The Netherlands may also increase coal power generation over the next 6 to 18 months as an emergency gas saving measure. “The gas stores in the Netherlands are at least 80% full. Even if the current Nord Stream 1 outage were to last even longer, the gas storage facilities would still be full enough to reach the target of 80%. expected,” the company promises.

In addition, Gasunie subsidiary EemsEnergyTerminal Made a contract It will deliver 7 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas annually to the terminal in Eemshafen to reduce the country’s dependence on Russian energy.

https://northerntimes.nl/gasunie-promises-no-gas-shortage-this-winter-but-caveats-apply/ Gasunie promises ‘we won’t run out of gas this winter’, but caveats apply

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