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Gasunie to build €60 million green gas plant in Delfzijl

perpetual nextan Amsterdam-based climate technology start-up specializing in torrefaction, and Gasnier Established a joint venture to build a facility in Delfzijl. Torrefaction is the process of removing moisture and volatiles from biomass such as wood and grains to improve fuel use.

of Groninger Internet Court Construction of the facility is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2022, with a reported budget of €60 million.

The plant is scheduled to come online in 2024 and will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. The plant is projected to sustainably produce and distribute 12 million cubic meters of green gas made from syngas (syngas made from carbon-containing materials).

The factory will initially directly employ 15 people and will eventually expand production to 120 million cubic meters.

Delfzijl Chemistry Cluster

Facility locations were selected based on their proximity to the facility. Delfzijl Chemistry Cluster, part of Chemport Europe. There are dozens of chemical industry companies operating in clusters developed for access to sea, inland transport, rail and road infrastructure.

according to bioenergy newsPerpetual Next will manage and operate the operations at the plant, and Gasnier will distribute the gas supplied underground to the built environment and industry via a national network.

Perpetual Next converts organic waste streams, green waste (compostable waste) and waste wood into renewable raw materials through torrefaction. The feedstock is then gasified (converting biomass to gas) to produce syngas. Syngas, in turn, is used to replace fossil fuels in a variety of chemical applications and is also the basis for green gas, methanol, and hydrogen.

Photo credit: Gasnier

https://northerntimes.nl/gasunie-to-build-e60-million-green-gas-plant-in-delfzijl/ Gasunie to build €60 million green gas plant in Delfzijl

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