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Gemeente receives report about formation of new coalition

On Monday afternoon,  Arie Slob, appointed to explore the possibilities for a majority coalition in  The Hague city council, presented his findings and recommendations.  In his report he discusses variants for majority coalitions and also emphasizes the importance of improving mutual relations and restoring confidence.

The most obvious and mentioned combination , a three-party coalition consisting of  Hart voor Den Haag, D66 and  VVD  have not proved possible due to the opposing positions  of Hart voor Den Haag and D66 .

Hence this leaves 2 other  majority variants. Slob recommends an extended time frame  in which these remaining majority variants  can be  discussed separately with the parties involved and investigated for feasibility.

The first variant comprises of  a six party coalition  between Hart voor Den Haag, VVD, Partij voor De Dieren, Denk, SP and CU/SG.

The second variant is a nine  party coalition  consisting of   D66, GroenLinks, PvdA, CDA, Partij voor De Dieren, Denk, SP, CU/SGP and HSP.

The discussions should focus on topics such as important party  demands, administrative culture, possible obstacles and municipal finances.

On  Monday evening there will be a   meeting  between the Mayor and the chairpersons  of all  the  political parties to   determine the next steps in response to this advice.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/08/14/gemeente-receives-report-about-formation-of-new-coalition Gemeente receives report about formation of new coalition

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