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Gemmente wants to encourage cyclists to avoid the Grote Marktstraat.

Gemiente has improved cycling conditions on Gedempte Gracht, making it safer for cyclists and avoiding collisions with pedestrians on the busy Grote Markstraat in the city centre.

From 11:30 cyclists in the city center can cycle safely and comfortably via Gedemptte Gracht instead of via Grote Marktstraat. Gemente has taken various measures to make the route via Gedempte Gracht more attractive. Cars can no longer park on the streets of Gedempte Burgwal and Gedempte Gracht. Trucks will be closed to traffic after 11:30. The streets have also been refurbished with decks, planters and benches.

Alderman Ann Mulder: “It’s no secret that the Grote Markt is very busy with foot shoppers and cyclists. Sometimes it’s too busy. We are taking measures and redesigning Gracht, the aim is to make these streets more comfortable for cyclists and pedestrians, which helps with road safety and traffic flow.As a mobility alderman two important vanguards for me in

On Thursday 13th April, Alderman Anne Mulder celebratory opened an improved cycling route through Gedemptte Gracht. Since April 13th, an information campaign has been launched to inform cyclists about this improved cycling route. The hour at 11:30 plays an important role in this.

Until 11:30, the recommended route for cyclists remains the Marktstrasse route. Gedempte Burgwal and Gedempte Gracht will be crowded as trucks are allowed to supply shops and restaurants. At this time, the Grote Marktstraat is not yet crowded with shoppers.

After 11:30 the gemeente prefers that cyclists avoid riding the Grote Markstraat and use the Gedepte Gracht.

Photo: Julian Blobel

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/04/17/gemmente-wants-to-encourages-cyclists-to-avoid-grote-marktstraat Gemmente wants to encourage cyclists to avoid the Grote Marktstraat.

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