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Government allocates €85 million for construction of Nedersachsenryn – The Northern Times

The central government has invested 8,500 for the construction of the first phase of the Nedersachsen Line (Lower Saxony Line), which is intended to connect the existing railway line in the German state of Lower Saxony to Groningen-Stadzkanal-Emmen-Enschede. provided millions of euros. The funding comes from unused funds from a state program aimed at compensating homeowners in the north for property damage caused by earthquakes caused by gas extraction.

Stadskanaal and Emmen are now dead ends in the northern rail network. Once a connection is established between these two nodes, it will greatly enhance the connectivity of the entire network, allowing North Holland to move more people and goods.

Another reason for the urgency of this connection is related to the desire to open the north of the Netherlands by another road. The new line is expected to ease the bottleneck between Zwolle and Meppel, which is currently the only rail connection north from Randstad and the rest of the country. Each year, multiple train wrecks occur near Zwolle, completely stopping access to the northern city.

Rail transport is becoming increasingly important in attracting entrepreneurial activity and economic development. We also need to maintain existing businesses. Many companies based in the north have expansion ambitions but need rail connections for freight transport. The Lower Saxony Line aims to meet that need and prevent the relocation of companies.

In addition, the Lower Saxon Railway could help governments meet their energy transition goals and reduce CO2 emissions by 2050. This is because the new connection will contribute to decarbonizing freight transport by reducing road freight.

https://northerntimes.nl/government-allocates-e85-million-for-construction-of-nedersaksenlijn/ Government allocates €85 million for construction of Nedersachsenryn – The Northern Times

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