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Government drops coronavirus self-testing and quarantine

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The Cabinet on Friday agreed to scrap the last coronavirus measures currently in place, removing the requirement for self-testing if people file complaints and remaining quarantine measures.

The move was recommended by the government’s outbreak control team earlier this month.

The coronavirus will now be treated like any other infectious disease of the respiratory tract, Health Minister Ernst Kuipers said after a cabinet meeting on Friday. said Kuipers.

“Almost everyone” in the Netherlands has built some resistance to infection and the coronavirus is now less serious than it used to be, the minister told reporters.

“By ending the last coronavirus measures, we are leaving an extraordinary period that we won’t soon forget,” Kuipers said. It is with us and will continue to be with us.”

3 years

The first coronavirus cases were confirmed in the Netherlands just three years ago. Since then, an estimated 8.6 million people have contracted the virus and more than 47,000 have died.

Additionally, 1 in 8 people report long-term health complaints, and tens of thousands of people are suffering from long-term Covid.


The Cabinet’s decision comes amid a renewed rise in hospitalizations, especially in the south, where Carnival was celebrated about two weeks ago. on friday, 884 people They are being treated in hospitals for the coronavirus, with 31 of them in intensive care.

The Institute of Public Health RIVM said earlier this week that despite circulation levels dropping, “there are still groups of vulnerable people who are at increased risk of serious illness.”

Some patient groups reacted with disappointment to the news that the last resort was fading, saying the government’s decision was a slap in the face for everyone with serious health problems.

“I ask everyone to take into account people with fragile health conditions and understand that they may not want to shake hands or want to keep their distance.” Lung Charity Long Fonds“Show solidarity and consider each other’s needs.”

RIVM says it will continue to monitor the virus closely, using sewage systems, hospitals and other sources, even though the virus is currently in the endemic stage. It remains important to maintain the resurgence of protection against the serious disease caused by -19, new subspecies, and early detection of changes,” the agency said.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/government-drops-self-testing-and-quarantine-for-coronavirus/ Government drops coronavirus self-testing and quarantine

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